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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

College Football Fantasy (early) 9/13

Daily Fantasy Sports is the wave of the future. It's not much different than sports betting, you have to do your research, scouting, and the best part is you don't need to wager on 5-6 different games just have one or two fantasy teams is enough entertainment to keep you pumped full of adrenaline on a Saturday. This week on Draft Kings with a $50,000 salary cap here are the starting line-ups and back-ups to consider for your Early games fantasy line-up. Why trust Hacksaw Sports? Well so far 6 entries on the season and five victories including 3 of 4 in college football. Now it's time to do the scouting that will win you money. #1 QB: Clint Trickett from West Virgina on the road against Maryland. Trickett in his two starts this year lit up Alabama for 365 yards so no matter how good the Maryland defense might be Trickett has seen better. He will also be putting the ball in the air as the Mountaineers whether against a top ranked championship caliber team like the Crimson Tide or vs. Townson State last week will put up the ball with 85 passes in two games. Only question is when will Trickett's arm fall off. Trickett is great value with a $6,000 salary cap. #2 QB: Maty Mauk of Missouri faces a Central Florida team that was torched by Christian Hackenberg for 435 yards two weeks ago in Dublin, Ireland. Mauk has 8 touchdown passes on the season with two interceptions. He will be facing a tough run defense that limited Penn State on the ground to less than a 100 yards rushing and while we expect more from the SEC's Tiger's ground attack Gary Pinkel known for his aerial assaults will not neglect taking advantage of a poor CFU secondary. Mauk's only home game of the season he threw for 3 touchdowns and had less than 200 yards of total offense, expect Maty to put on a show for the home crowd in Columbia. You get what you pay for at $7,500 salary cap. back up QB: Anthony Boone, Duke University, real simple dual threat quarterback at home vs. a Charlie Weis team that is focused on offense. Kansas has yet to prove they can play football in the Charlie Weis era on the road. In the Jayhawks only game of the year they gave up better over 420 yards on 64 plays including 3 interceptions and could barely beat the lowly Southeast Missouri State Redhawks. Don't expect Boone to give up the ball at home against KU. This is a game between an ACC team that went to their conference championship winning ten games and returning a veteran QB and receiving corp. Excellent value at $7,100 and it's tough not to pick him over Maty Mauk. #1 Running Back: Alex Collins the top recruit for Arkansas travels to Texas Tech. So far the Red Raiders have been able to outscore their opponents 72-61. Giving up 61 points to the likes of sub-division Central Arkansas and last year's two win blunders from C-USA UTEP is not going to get it done against an SEC team looking to improve on a 3 win 2013 season and with Brett Bielema looking to pad the stats of his heralded freshman before rigorous conference play. So far this season Collins has three trips to the end zone all against Nichols State and a total of 199 yards including an impressive 6.8 YPC against last year's SEC champion Auburn Tigers in the opener on the road. Collins gets to prove he can play against a questionable Tech defense. Great value at $5,500. #2 Running Back: Royce Freeman a talented back up at Oregon. The #2 ranked Ducks are a 43 point favorite at home. Expect the Ducks to put the pedal to the metal and not let up on Wyoming this weekend in Eugene. Wyoming has been decent on defense holding opponents Air Force and Montana to a combined 25 points in Laramie but don't expect to get the same results from the Quack Attack who are averaging 49 points a game and getting over the 50 point mark is a thing of pride in Eugene. Freeman is winning back-up time against Thomas Tyner and look for him to be rewarded with his early season success with more playing time once starter Bryon Marshall leaves the game. Would love to have Todd Gurley here but at $5,400 look for Freeman to produce! Back-up Running back: Derrick Green (Michigan). While there are some sure-fire high priced running backs available in Thomas Rawls of Central Michigan at home who runs and catches vs. Syracuse this week, James Conner at home against Florida Atlantic University, and everyone's front runner for the Heisman at Todd Gurley on the road against South Carolina (giving up over 5 yards per carry to Texas A&M and East Carolina) my value back is Derrick Green of Michigan. Green is was a highly recruited player coming out of high school and in his sophomore year put up great numbers in week #1 against sub-division power Appalachian State and horrific numbers with the rest of his teammates last week on the road against Notre Dame. Look for Green to rebound this week and put up over 100 yards on the ground against Miami of Ohio while reaching the end zone at least once in the big house. The Wolverines are hungry for a win and a lot of scoring after being embarrassed last week in South Bend. Excellent value at $5,800. #1 Wide Receiver: Kevin White West Virginia. The Mountaineers will be throwing the ball at Maryland. Trickett is proving to be an excellent QB and Kevin White is not disappointing. He is Trickett's favorite target with 19 catches on the year including 9 for 143 and a touchdown in week 1 against Alabama! If you can score on Alabama there should be expectations to score on Maryland and great value at $5,800. #2 and #3 receivers the duo from Mizzou with Darius White and Bud Sasser. The duo has divided 14 catches between them and expect it to increase for Maty Mauk's big targets. Sasser is getting more yards while White is reaching the end zone more. There will be plenty of yards to go around against Central Florida in Columbia with this pair averaging over 40 fantasy points per game and the price is right at $4,600 and $4,300 respectively. Back up WR: Ty Montgomery is a do every thing receiver for Stanford running the ball and catching passes. He could have a huge monster first half against Army but don't expect to see much of the star receiver in the 2nd half as the Cadets are no match for the Cardinal, hefty price tag at $7,500. Devin Funchess is Devin Gardner's favorite receiver for the Michigan Wolverines and after the non-productive effort by Gardner last week in South Bend, Funchess should see more passes and more end zone. Despite a no TD effort last week Funchess still had 9 grabs for over a hundred yards. Good productivity at $6,700. Isaac Blackney, Duke; this 6'6" 225lb tight end is listed as a receiver and is reaching the end zone with 3 touchdown grabs in the first two games on nine catches. Expect Blackney to continue to have success in week #3 against Kansas and is a great value at $4,700. Starting Tight End: The most difficult position to predict with no clear cut stud tight end with a quality match-up in week #3. Leader of the pack is Gerald Christian of Louisville and the price tag reflects the value of $3,900. Other quality options if you want to upgrade the salary cap on some of your other positions look at ultra athletic Arkansas tight end and former QB AJ Derby, this could allow to bring in Todd Gurley by taking out Maty Mauk for Anthony Boone. Austin Hooper is a well targeted tight end for the Stanford Cardinal but how much playing time will he get against Army. Jake Duzey is a consistent tight end for Iowa and against in state rival expect to see him get a few more grabs. Flex: Bryon Marshall starting running back for Oregon. He should get enough points before the Duck starters are taken out in an expected blowout of Wyoming (+43). Marshall is the dual threat averaging better than 7 yards per carry and leading the Ducks in receiving. Great value at $6,800. Back-up line up QB#1 - Trickett WVU, ($6,000) at Maryland QB#2 - Anthony Boone, Duke ($7,100) vs. Kansas RB#1 - Alex Collins, Arkansas ($5,500)at Texas Tech RB#2 - Royce Freeman, Oregon ($5,400) vs. Wyoming WR#1 - Kevin White WVU, ($5,800) at Maryland WR#2 - Darius White, Missouri ($4,300) vs. Central Florida WR#3 - Isaac Blakeny, Duke ($4,700) vs. Kansas TE - AJ Derby, Arkansas ($2,500) at Texas Tech Flex - Todd Gurley, Georgia ($8,300) at South Carolina Total Cap ($49,700)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Online Poker in the United States

I just got a letter from an online poker player who was unaware of recent laws in the United States pertaining to online poker. Most important thing to remember is because online poker is relatively new there are not a lot of laws on the books. First and foremost law is there can be no operators within the borders of the United States that operate an online gaming company without a license. Companies likes Twin Spires, Bet Fair currently operate in various states with horse racing licenses. Nevada recently licensed the first online poker company to operate within their borders. As for the players there is one law on the books and that is in the state of Washington where it is a felony to gamble online. In 2006 the UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was passed which went into effect in January of 2010. The summary of the law was banks could not be used with their credit cards, debit cards, pay pal, or any other source to fund an online/offshore gaming account. In April of 2010 The Department of Justice came down hard on companies like Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars who repeatedly violated this act resulting in the expulsion of these companies. There are other ways to fund offshore gaming accounts and the most popular in Western Union but recently the True Poker Network has utilized Belizean debit cards not under the jurisdiction of the United States to fund gaming accounts for US citizens. Click this link to sign u with True Poker and email for an application and directions to receive a debit card so you can enjoy online poker!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Streak

In college football no game is as big as Ohio State/Michigan. Granted neither team is worthy this year of national championship talk or even a BCS bowl bid. The football media seems to want Michigan to get ahold of a BCS bowl bid but that would be a New Year's day slaughter. Michigan has improved it's record this season along with statistics showing signs of a defense that was non-existent under the Richrod era and there should be a renewed hatred towards the Buckeyes with Brady Hoke taking the reigns in Ann Arbor but does that equate to a big victory over the Buckeyes?

It could but it won't. Ohio State still possesses one of the premiere defenses in the country that has kept the Buckeyes in games when their inept offenses have failed so don't expect Denard Robinson to run wild. In fact with Robinson's penchant to running the football you can expect Robinson to spend some time on the sidelines as this is going to be the hardest hitting game of the season for both teams, especially Michigan as these Buckeyes have nothing to lose and want to continue the current 7 game win streak over Michigan.

Offensively the Buckeyes lack efficiency out of the Quarterback position but still have some great depth at running back and a very physical offensive line that should create some great smash mouth football this morning. the Wolverines to crowd the line of scrimmage but also expect the Buckeyes to get a strong push with lead blocking from Zach Boren for Boom Herron to establish the Buckeye running game and than for the X-factor Braxton Miller to open up the running game with his legs on key third down conversions.

Ohio State/Michigan is a rivalry game. Master Tressell is no longer on the sidelines for Ohio State with his gaudy 9-1 record against Michigan but the players who have stomped the Wolverines for the past seasons still have the drive and mean instilled in them through Tressell. Don't expect any quarter be given by the Buckeyes as this game is about pride. Take the Buckeyes (click here to bet) on the road in a hostile environment in a low scoring game plus 7.5 points to cover and if you have nerves of steel this is a money line worth considering for a few bucks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Day Bets

I of sound mind and faith do not have all of the answers but I do have a good eye for a good bet having won my last two documented players over the weekend. This Turkey Day we have a bunch of games and as a sports bettor if you plan on winning you have to pick the best game unless you are just an action junkie. Green Bay has got to lose sometime and playing in Detroit could be just the place. The weakness of the Packers is the offensive line. A couple of weeks ago Jared Allen and the Vikings were setting up shop in the Packers backfield but this didn't help too much because they still got torched in Lambeau.

Thursday in Detroit should be different. A fierce pass rush has proven to be not enough to rattle Packer's Aaron Rodgers who is playing lights out with quick decision making and a multitude of receivers that have speed and can run disciplined routes trusting Rodgers will get them the ball. The difference this week will be playing in the dome, the noise factor.

On the other side of the ball Matt Stafford and the Lions offense have been lighting it up this year also. Matched up against the Packers defense ranked in the lower half of the league while the Lions are much more formidable. Don't underestimate the Packers though as the defensive rankings don't tell the entire story as the Packers are a league leader in turnovers. In Detroit this should be a tight game take the Lions plus the points! This doesn't mean Green Bay won't walk out of the dome undefeated.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Moral Obligations

Ever since Frank Noonan decided to use his position as a State Police Commissioner he went overboard with slandering Joe Paterno with the for lack of legal terms "moral obligation". If you are going to make a judgement on Joe Paterno than judge the whole book. Judge how he deferred NFL offers years ago to stick around at Penn State. Judge Paterno on his large donations to the University to assist students in learning in a personal amount in excess of $4 million. Judge Paterno on 61 years of loyal service to the University. Judge Paterno on his 46 years as the head coach and barely a whisper of rule breaking other than a few players that got arrested for infractions. Most importantly judge Paterno on his actions in the aftermath of the 1997 accusation against Jerry Sandusky for improper interaction with a child. Paterno seemed to be the guy who made the right judgement than in pushing Sandusky out of Penn State for character issues and it was the board of trustees along with Wendell Courtney that brought Sandusky right back in with an enhanced "retirement package".

Any head football coach in his right mind with an assistant who was named assistant coach of the year, twice wouldn't push him out at the age of 55 if it was all about the wins. Joe is the last person to impose age discrimination. A head coach would not push out an assistant who coached one of the best defenses in the country if it was all about the wins. Sandusky might arguably be the most successful assistant coach with tenure in the history of NCAA football. Sandusky we can only assume his reasons for leaving the PSU football program but in wake of the 1997 child abuse accusations it's safe to assume "the different direction" Joe Paterno was looking for what character and not winning football games.

Frank Noonan is a police commissioner, this does not make him a morals judge, he is paid to stop and prohibit criminal activity like child abuse. Since Noonan is going to have such a strong opinion on Joe Paterno I have a strong opinion on Frank Noonan. Frank Noonan used the "morals obligation" to focus the spotlight on Joe Paterno as an enabler for the alleged child abuse scandal. Also since the "morals obligation" term has been used by his boss Governor Tom Corbett is appears the two are in cahoots.

Governor Corbett the former attorney general knew about Jerry Sandusky, heck he knew all about Penn State as he is on the board of trustees that fired Joe Pa. Check out this video it says it all about Tom Corbett and "moral obligations". Let's just get rid of "moral obligations" before it becomes a law whereby the holier than thou Noonan and Corbett can use that against the rest of us that stand in their way.

* footnote: Corbett has a striking resemblance to "Police Squad's" Lieutenant Frank Drebin? I think Drebin would have made a better attorney general.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's been few weeks since the President of the Second Mile Charity Jerry Sandusky and former assistant coach/defensive coordinator who retired in 1999 at Penn State University was arrested for a series of child molestation charges. The popular immediate reaction was very emotional as the molestation of children is universally appalling but we need to remember that right now the allegations are just that allegations with no in court proof which is necessary to make a legal judgement against this horrific act.

The ugliness of this crime was it occurred for over 14 years that is documented who knows if it last less or more if the crimes indeed occurred. One of the most important factors was if these crimes did indeed happen than a lot of people were fooled and these were the exact words of 61 year PSU employee and former head football coach who lost his job due to the new by law which was made up by Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan for not meeting his "moral obligations" despite following rules and the law on second hand information.

The people who were fooled starts with Ray Gricar and the Centre County Police Department. Gricar is the district attorney who dismissed 1997 charges against Sandusky for taking showers in the nude with minors. Despite admission of showering incidents this huge scandal might have been stopped there and than but it nothing was done by law enforcement at the time possibly due to Sandusky's status as a Penn State assistant coach. Regardless I have to make another special mention to State Commissioner Frank Noonan to publicly reprimand the Centre County Police Department for not "meeting their moral obligations". Can't say much to Ray Gricar who has been mysteriously missing and presumed dead since April of 2005.

Next up on the fooled by Sandusky list is the adoption agencies that allowed him to adopt 6 children. One of the responsibilities of adoption agencies is to do a thorough background check on adopting parents. If Sandusky is found guilty than these adoption agencies who are paid to investigate the backgrounds of prospective adopting parents failed miserably by sending children to a person capable of child molestation.

We cannot forget about the foster care agencies that allowed for Jerry to take in foster children over the years. As a matter of fact The Second Mile Charity was applauded by politicians from former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum to George Herbert Bush.

I still recall sitting in a sports bar back in the 90's with a former Penn State alumnus and friend while watching an Ohio State/Penn State game while ABC-ESPN was doing a special on Sandusky about all his great work. When you adopt six kids you have to have good character considering paid professionals investigate the person but this one got past one of the major networks for their on air pseudo canonization of Sandusky on air for all his work with foster kids, the Second Mile Charity, and association with the Penn State football program. Hey we all make mistakes if you were fooled.

The Penn State University board of trustees were fooled because it's the board of trustees that approved of Jerry Sandusky's retirement package that included emeritus status, full use of PSU facilities and an office and phone in a University building to conduct fund raising for The Second Mile Charity.

The State of Pennsylvania Governor's office: Former Governor Democrat Ed Rendell approved of a $3 million dollar grant for the Second Mile Charity and when current governor and former State Attorney General Republican Tom Corbett who sits on the Penn State board of trustees entered office his administration required all pending grants be reviewed and it was approved by Governor Corbett unless he didn't read what he was signing. So Rendell was fooled along with Corbett, not bad fooling two governors.

Actually it's highly debatable that Corbett was fooled because he was handling the Sandusky investigation for child molestation as early as 2009 but it probably slipped his mind while writing thank you letters to Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation for $460,000 worth of campaign donations while Corbett was running for State Attorney General and another $200,000 for the Governor's office in 2010.

So state agencies, major networks, adoption agencies, politicians on up to the White House, foster agencies, and the people who approve of grants giving away free money were all fooled by Jerry Sandusky who seem to have been given a pass but heaven forbid, Joe Paterno the 84 year old head coach of Penn State University who has not worked with Sandusky since 1999 and has no supervision authority over Sandusky is the one person who the public, the Penn State board of trustees, Governor Corbett and Frank Noonan all want to point the finger at.

The old man would probably point a finger if he wanted to lower himself to the levels of the self righteous but it appears he has taken the high road and with his 20/20 hindsight vision wishes he would have done more when he heard about the accusations on top of making considerable donations to the University, raising funds for the University to support academics and coaching a football team, supervising his coaches and being a voice of vast experiences in life to influence hundreds of young men on how to be good responsible, respectable adults.

As of today the Second Mile Charity is closing it's charitable doors likely before too much investigation is done into the charity which seems to be the center point of the cover up of alleged child sexual molestation.

NFL Pick of the Day

Well since I nailed the Arizona Wildcats plus 10.5 points yesterday might as well make another pick since I am on a roll. The game that sticks out is Seattle plus 3 visiting St. Louis. The Rams have been improving in recent weeks but so have the Seahawks and the match up favors Seattle. Marshawn Lynch has been running wild lately rushing for consecutive 100 yard games against the top two rush defenses in the past two weeks against Dallas and Baltimore respectively. This week it gets much easier against the 31st ranked Ram defense.

On the flip side St. Louis has been playing much better with Steven Jackson picking up the Ram ground attach while the inconsistent Sam Bradford is experiencing a sophmore slump after being named rookie of the year in 2010. The Rams have been playing much better in recent weeks only losing on the road to Arizona in overtime but all games have been close with New Orleans, Arizona, and Cleveland winning two of three. Meanwhile Seattle has been erratic but the ground game getting stronger in recent weeks has been beneficial in keeping the defense off the field plus opening up passing opportunities for Tavaris Jackson, the game could go either way but with points and a strong rushing attack look for Seattle to be in this game to the very end and either pull it out or have victory snatched in the final minutes regardless it will be a close one as these teams played tight games last year with Seattle coming out on top both times en route to a division title.

Take the Seahawks plus the points for a conservative amount.